Condo main bathroom

Finally the Thornhill bathroom renovation project turned out to the end. Because different delays and misunderstanding it is took twice more time than expected. Looking good an hopefully customer will not be disappointed. Bathtub converted to the shower.

Tiling – day two.


Newmarket shower renovation project on the way. Tile on the walls and the bench installed. Threshold 4 1/2″ wide on a place sloped inside. Shampoo niche will be build and waterproof on Monday. Same as the shower bench marble top. Finished with rounded metal tile edges 3/8″ polished Chrome.

Bathroom window

In existing bathroom window will be inside of the shower. It means everything has to be watertight, and special “bathroom design”. But the Newmarket window company installed ordinary window, even without insulation foam around it:

20170726_160446Now the customer will have rotten, frozen, icy window in the winter time just because Newmarket window company can’t make the right one, Shame!

Main bathroom in old house

A couple days ago started the new bathroom renovation project. Day one spent for demolition, but still, need to remove a few layers of previously installed floors. First one is the oldest one – old fashioned vinyl tile 8 by 8 inches. In that time some of them contain the asbestos and not so healthy. The second layer – 1 by 1-inch mosaic tile, and the last top one – 8 by 8 ceramic over plywood. Easy to remove but the layers nailed down with thousands of nails and screws and being removed piece by piece. Ufff. Tomorrow one more preparation day before tiling.

Shampoo niche shelf

Finally cut and installed the shelf for the curbless shower project started a while ago. The Support will be removed the next day.